Crystal Starnes Show

podcaster, radio and TV producer & host 

Retired Probation Officer / Survivor / Founder of Voice For Victims / Actress

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Victims first!  Ms. Starnes filed her case in October 2017, shortly before the details of the infamous Harvey Weinstein conduct became public. Her decision to bring the action against her employer and a judge demonstrated a courageous effort to disclose official wrongdoing. Ms. Starnes, a resident of a small Western Pennsylvania rural community, suffered astounding ostracism and unwonted notoriety as a result of her decision.

Ms. Starnes, Avocate for Victims

Not being another static of victims,  there were some in the community who respected her and supported her efforts to reveal a sordid story, many resulted to victim blaming and vilified her character in highly degrading internet postings. Nevertheless, Ms. Starnes persisted to protect her own rights and the rights of victims

Crystal Starnes Show

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Watch as Crystal engages with her weekly guest to discus a wide variety of topics.


Crystal, a former, highly respected Adult Probation Officer for Butler County, Penn, challenged, at great risk to herself, the integrity and conduct of Butler County’s President judge for sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation and won a well-deserved settlement. 

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I Stand Up For Victims

I stand up for what is right and am a voice for victims and am the owner of Voice For Victims LLC.

My mission to spread awareness about victimization.  I believe in educating the community about a variety of topics that may help prevent a person becoming a victim

I am so happy you are here. Don’t ever suffer in silence like I did for years.  A lot for years were wasted of my life due to fear. Finally, I realized I had to stand up not only for myself but for others.”  -Crystal Starnes

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The Bella Levy Foundation was created to educate in the prevention of Human Trafficking, Child Abduction, and support for neglected youths and young adults. We understand abused victims will carry shame & guilt throughout their life and effects of abuse. Our foundation provides programs serving Abused Youths & Adults who are survivors of sex trafficking and forms of mistreatment.

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    Crystal is passionate about giving victims a voice. She always knows how important healing and becoming whole are as a person. Helping others to build confidence and a healthy mindset and body is an important role that Crystal plays in so many lives.

    Dawn Tucci Avatar Dawn Tucci
    October 6, 2022

    She’s doing a great job! Making a difference in society.

    Edwin Robert Avatar Edwin Robert
    October 6, 2022

    Crystal knows how to truly make a difference. I appreciate her spirit of standing up for what’s right. I love her podcast and actually was a guest on her podcast. She is so kind, beautiful on the inside & out & truly a wonderful human. Be sure to follow her so you can keep your spirit positive 🤩

    Jackie Jensen Avatar Jackie Jensen
    October 5, 2022

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